Wedding Invitation Trends for 2021

Winter wedding bouquet with pine, pine cones, and white flowers wrapped in lace and burlap

These days, wedding invitations can be anything but boring. Check out the latest wedding invitation trends for inspiration.

*Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Weddings produce a lot of waste and can be bad for the environment. Many couples are trying to hold more eco-friendly weddings, including choosing environmentally-friendly invitations. This could mean using recycled paper, using a company that makes the environment a priority, or even using online invitations.

*Custom Details to Tell Love Story

Couples want to make everything more personal, including their wedding invitations. They are creating custom graphics or illustrations to show personal details from their story, such as where they met or a favorite item. They may also use language or colors that are particularly meaningful to them.


Among the other creative materials for wedding stationery, vellum is increasing in popularity. This semi-translucent material can be used for the invitation itself, the envelop liner, or enclosures. You could also create an overlay.

*Floral and Botanical Wedding Invitations

Bold florals, tropical, greenery, and botanical details are turning up on wedding invitations and/or envelope liners. Some couples are even using pressed flowers.

*Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Another trend in weddings is for watercolor details. Invitations with watercolor details and wedding cakes with edible ink watercolor paintings are showing up at weddings. The invitation could have a watercolor-inspired background or a watercolor envelope liner, for example. Watercolor details give the invitation a more romantic feel.

*Hand-Made Wedding Invitations With Calligraphy or Handwriting Details

DIY wedding invitations are on the rise, giving couples a good way to personalize their invitations even more. Some people are even doing their own calligraphy if they have the time, skill, and patience for it.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Some couples adding extra interest to their wedding invitations by using letterpress techniques, sometimes forgoing the ink altogether and using the texture of blind letterpress to form the words.

*Acrylic and Other See-Through Wedding Invitations

Another of the wedding invitation trends is having see-through invitations. Some couples make acrylic invitations for this purpose. Otherwise, you can make the invitation more modern or more traditional, depending on the design.

*Bold Color Wedding Invitations

For color, couples go both ways. Some opt for multiple bold colors. Others opt for a more monochromatic design with linework in just one color. Bold and moody colors are expected to be popular, as well as red, blue, gold, aqua, burnt orange, sage green, and dusty rose.

*Minimalistic Wedding Invitations

While some couples use bold colors and designs on their invitations, others choose a minimalistic approach. Their invitations include mostly text with perhaps a simple frame around the edges. Variations in the text size, font, and style create extra interest. Some people use foil stamping or letterpress to add appeal while keeping the invitation simple. Others take inspiration from calligraphy or handwriting for their minimalistic invitations.

*Photo Save-The-Dates and Wedding Invitations

What could be more personal than a photo? Photos of the couple, such as their engagement photos, are starting to show up as part of the wedding stationery. For more formal events, these may only be included on the save-the-dates, but some couples are using them on invitations as well. 

*Couple Illustrations on Wedding Invitations or Save-The-Dates

Couples who don’t choose to include a photo on their wedding stationery may choose to include a couple illustration. This adds a little bit of flair to the invitation or save-the-date and makes it more personal at the same time.

*Wax Seals on Wedding Invitations

Recent wedding invitation trends include using wax seals to close the envelopes. These could include the couples’ monogram or a botanical symbol, for example. Just be aware that this increases the weight of the invitation and these invitations will need to avoid going through postal machines, so the postage will be higher.

*Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Pockets

Some people like making a laser-cut folder for their wedding invitation. This lace-like look makes the invitation feel more special.

*Different Shapes for Wedding Invitations

Couples are moving away from the standard rectangular shape for their invitations and embrace a greater variety of geometrical shapes. However, keep in mind that unusual shapes may need specialty envelopes that will cost more to mail.

*Invitations With Other Special Details

Invitations in 2021 may include details that give them more of a 3D texture. Some couples are using non-traditional materials like leather or adding embellishments to envelopes or invitations.

*More Informal Wedding Invitations

People are forgoing the more traditional formality of wedding invitations. Many invitations are more casual now, both in style and wording. Couples are also more likely to move away from the formal addressing conventions. This means more options for titles are available and the invitations may be addressed in a more inclusive way using multiple last names instead of just “Mr. and Mrs. So-And-So.”