Ideas for Bridesmaid Proposals

Once your significant other pops the question, it’s time for you to pop a few questions of your own. Most brides like to ask at least a few of their closest friends and family members to be bridesmaids in their wedding. These days, brides are doing all sorts of creative things and crafting special bridesmaid proposals to make the event memorable. Just keep in mind that some people may not accept, as they may not be able to commit to the time and money involved in being a bridesmaid. Here are a few ideas to help get you started if you want to hop on this new trend.

Say It With a Card

You can purchase a ready-made card or create your own. Bridesmaid proposals can be as serious, funny, or sweet as you would like, so really make it your own.

Appeal to Her Sweet Tooth

Some brides like to propose with a message written on sugar cookies, fortune cookies, doughnuts, candies, chocolates, cupcakes, macarons, or other sweets. This type of bridesmaid proposal is like a proposal and a present combined. If you want, you can even purchase custom M&Ms or candy rings to help you propose.

Make Her Puzzle It Out

Consider giving your best girls customized jigsaw or crossword puzzles to help you pop the question. This will draw out the suspense a bit and make the proposal a little more dramatic.

Make It Personal

Another option is to create bridesmaid proposals that are personal, taking into account the person’s favorite things and your history together. This could mean a gift box filled with little presents and memories, for example. Perhaps a spa day box, a beauty box, or a box filled with a mix of memorable treats.

Ask With a Gift

You can also propose with a cute saying and a small gift, such as a necklace, bracelet or earrings that all your bridesmaids get and can wear during the wedding itself, the bachelorette party, or during other preparations for the big event. Other ideas include a:

  • makeup bag
  • jewelry box
  • bath bomb
  • pillow
  • mug
  • tote bag
  • t-shirt
  • robe
  • picture frame
  • candle
  • wine glass
  • shot glass
  • champagne glass
  • nail polish
  • or hair ties.
Use Your Theme or Wedding Colors

If you already know your wedding theme or wedding colors, you can use these to help make your wedding proposals unique to your wedding.

Make It An Experience

People often remember experiences more than gifts, so maybe you want to make your bridesmaid proposals in the middle of an experience that they’ll enjoy. Invite them for a spa day or out for some other experience you’ll all enjoy.

Other More Explosive Options for Bridesmaid Proposals

Consider hiding your message in a confetti popper or inside a balloon so your bridesmaid proposals go off with a bit of a bang.