Things to Consider When Choosing a Signature Drink for Your Wedding

two glasses of a signature drink with lime

Some couples make the drink options available at their weddings a bit more personal by choosing a signature drink. Choosing a signature drink for your wedding can also save you money if you opt to have a limited bar with beer, wine, and the signature drink. Sometimes the two people getting married each choose their own signature drink to give people a choice. Taking a few things into consideration will help you pick just the right drink to serve.

Keep It Seasonal

First, keep in mind the season when choosing a signature drink for your wedding. People tend to order some flavors and types of drinks more in the winter and others in the summer. A hot toddy isn’t really a summer drink, for example.

Make It Personal

Pick a drink with a story behind it. It could be what you were drinking when you first met or something that combines your favorite flavors, for example. Just be sure that the signature drink also fits with the theme. Then give it a fun name, perhaps something that plays off your names.

Keep It Simple

You don’t want to choose something complicated that takes a long time to make. Complicated signature drinks equal long bar lines, which won’t go over well with guests, even if the drink tastes amazing.

Make It Look Appealing

Some people won’t be comfortable carrying around a huge blue drink with an umbrella. Choose a signature drink that won’t embarrass the guests who opt to give it a try. Some people try to have the drink (or at least the napkin) reflect the wedding colors.

Keep It Low in Alcohol

Choosing a signature drink that’s low in alcohol will mean people can drink more than one without becoming too drunk. Drunk guests can ruin a reception, so don’t encourage overimbibing.

Make It Original

Even if it’s just a slight twist on a standard cocktail, something completely original will be more likely to be tried and remembered. Working with a bartender or mixologist can help you come up with something different that tastes great.

Use Only Common Bar Ingredients

You’ll save money and make things easier on your bartender if you choose a signature drink that only contains common bar ingredients. Stay away from ingredients that are only available part of the year or would need to be special ordered.

Stick With Lower Sugar Signature Drinks

Super sweet drinks won’t go as well with the food and are less healthy. This typically means avoiding sours and lots of citrus, which tend to make for sweet drinks.

Keep Glass Types in Mind

Certain drinks are typically served in certain types of glasses. If you have your heart set on a certain type of glass to go with your overall theme, make sure your signature drink is suitable. Something typically served in a shot glass won’t work if you’re having all the guests use glasses made of mason jars, for example.