Expected Wedding Attire Trends for 2019

At a wedding, everyone’s eyes will be on the bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding party. It’s important for them to look their best. Here are some expected wedding attire trends for 2019 to help make this happen.


The 2019 wedding attire trends include a move toward more classic and simple wedding dresses. Dresses with at least a touch of color, asymmetrical dresses, jumpsuits, and bridal separates are increasing in popularity. Long sleeves, polka dots, bows, pockets, sparkle, puffy sleeves, applique lace, capes, and 3D floral elements are among the wedding attire trends for 2019. Some women are even choosing mini-dresses. Brides are more likely to wear flowers in their hair, tiaras or hats than in recent years. They’re leaning away from wearing many dresses throughout the event and sticking to just one or two.


Grooms are choosing slightly more formal wear, such as three-piece suits, over the more casual appearance popular in 2018. They’re more likely to choose a more mix-and-match style rather than a tuxedo. They may include pieces with different patterns or fabrics to add interest to their attire. Some grooms are even getting custom-lined suits for a more personalized outfit that better suits their style.

The Wedding Party

Couples are choosing their favorite people of either sex to stand up with them. They are having gender-neutral wedding parties, instead of sticking with the more traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wedding parties are likely to be smaller. Whatever the size and composition of your wedding party, both men and women are choosing a more mix-and-match look. Couples are allowing their wedding party to choose from a variety of options within a  color palette. The wedding party need not wear outfits that match exactly. Patterns are also increasing in popularity instead of just outfits comprising solid colors.