Expected Wedding Decor Trends for 2020

Although some wedding elements stay classic, each year some trends are on their way out and some on their way in. Not everyone agrees, but here are a few expected wedding decor trends for 2020.

Color Trends

While pastels aren’t going away, a move toward neutrals and unexpected pops of brighter colors is one of the wedding decor trends for 2020. Classic blue is the Pantone color of the year, but expect to see other colors, including yellow, cassis, peach, coral, red, fuschia, pistachio green, mint, butter yellow, chartreuse, lavender, and denim blue as well. Combinations of two colors, especially white and gold and white and green, are becoming less popular.

Trends in Flowers, Greenery, and Other Plants

Although people still enjoy using greenery, arrangements with greenery alone are becoming less common. Expect to see dried flowers a lot more often. Sometimes these flowers will be painted in bright and unexpected colors. Fewer couples will use palm leaves and pampas grass. Because of the trend toward greener, more sustainable weddings, local flowers will be more common and the flowers from the ceremony may be repurposed in the decorations. Arrangements will often be designed without the use of floral foam, which is bad for the environment. A few of the flowers expected to be popular this year include roses, wildflowers, carnations, Gordonia peonies, lilies, anthurium. Bold arrangements, such as hanging floral centerpieces, are also predicted to be popular in 2020.

Trends in Table Decor

Couples are opting for statement tablescapes in which they play with textures and colors. They’re also likely to be more eco-friendly and choose linens instead of disposable tablecloths. These linens may have custom or more old-fashioned patterns, such as chinoiserie, gingham, buffalo check, and florals. Instead of round tables, consider long banquet tables or tables arranged in interesting ways, such as an X or snake pattern. Velvet and other textured materials may still be much in use.

Other Decor Trends

Statement lighting is also becoming very trendy. Think hanging installations, neon installations, chandeliers, tube lighting, fairy lights, and candles of varying heights. In general, couples may choose a few areas in which to make a statement with their decor and then have the rest of the decor more understated.