Expected Wedding Decor Trends for 2019

While some wedding elements tend to remain classic, each year there are some wedding trends that are on their way out and some that are on their way in. Not everyone agrees, but here are some of the expected wedding decor trends for 2019.

Trending Colors

While pastels aren’t totally going away, a move toward richer, darker colors, like burgundy, emerald, turquoise, midnight blue, and rust is one of the wedding decor trends for 2019. Coral is the Pantone color of the year, but in general, pinks are being replaced with purples. When couples use pastels, they may pair them with black or other darker, unexpected hues. Celadon is expected to be popular. Metallics are trending away from rose gold and back toward copper, silver, chrome, and gold.

Trending Flowers, Greenery, and Other Plants

Although people still enjoy using greenery, arrangements with greenery alone are becoming less common. The succulent trend is starting to run its course. Palm leaves are expected to turn up less often as well. People are also leaning toward pampas grass and wheat instead of greenery. A few of the flowers expected to be particularly popular this year include dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies. Some people are decorating tables with herbs or other plants in ceramic or wood containers. Structural floral installations are also expected to be popular, as well as large flower installations over doorways. Avoid the fake hedge walls and asymmetrical arrangements.

Trends in Linens

Couples are opting for more opulent linens, including velvet and other textured options. They’re also likely to be more eco-friendly and choose linens instead of disposable tablecloths. Avoid awkward napkin placements, like those where the napkin is under the plate, and skip the silk table runners.

Other Decor Trends

Some couples are choosing to have balloon walls. Statement lighting is also becoming very trendy. Think lanterns, neon installations, and candles of varying heights. Moroccan-inspired details are also becoming more popular, as are monograms as long as they aren’t overused. Lucite elements are being used more often including everything from the table numbers to the flatware, chargers, and name cards. Couples are moving away from blue and white chinoiserie, plexiglass, and out of season decor. However, patterned vases, mix and match place settings, statement place cards, and colorful flatware are increasing in popularity.