Expected Wedding Food Trends for 2020

One thing people remember after a wedding is over is the food — especially if it was particularly unique or bad. Put some thought into the food you offer to keep guests happy. Check out these expected wedding food trends for 2020 covering everything from the wedding cake to late night snacks.

Cocktail Hour Wedding Food Trends

Don’t worry about having a lot of waiters on hand to pass hors d’oeuvres or appetizers. One of the latest wedding food trends is charcuterie boards. Let guests help themselves to a sampling of their favorite bites. Interactive and self-serve bars to allow for drink customization for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are on the rise. So are custom cocktails, such as signature wedding drinks, made by mixologists on-site at the reception. Presentation is particularly important, with some couples even providing appetizers on conveyor belts. Expect plenty of gin and mezcal drinks and those including a bit of fizz, as well as specialty liquor bars.

Wedding Cakes

Statement wedding cakes promise to be the big thing for 2020, although dessert tables remain popular. Edible flowers as decorations, brightly colored icing, geometric decorations, geode cakes, and non-traditional flavors are increasingly popular. Alternative wedding cakes made out of other sweet treats remain popular. You may expect to see more acrylic tiers in wedding cakes, perhaps with flowers or other decorative items inside.

Main Meal Service Wedding Food Trends

Couples have moved toward more inclusive menus that provide food suitable for all guests rather than having guests request special meals. With the trend for more sustainable weddings, this often means vegetarian or vegan menus for all with locally-sourced ingredients, although some couples choose to offer a mix of different types of food from various cuisines. Fusion dishes are also making a splash. Expect to see family-style dinner service less often.

Late Night Snacks

Some couples skip the desserts altogether in favor of savory snacks, such as cheese boards, pizza, burgers, fries, or grilled cheese sandwiches. The donut wall trend is slowing down, with couples choosing other types of interactive food experiences instead.