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5 Things That May Be Against Venue Rules

Before booking your venue, make sure you’re clear on what is and isn’t allowed on the premises. Otherwise, you may be surprised to realize that venue rules make it impossible to realize your dream wedding vision. Glitter, Confetti, Rice, or Other Small Tossed Items While you may want a dramatic […]

Expected Wedding Attire Trends for 2022

Revised 9/8/2021 At a wedding, everyone’s eyes will be on the bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding party. It’s important for them to look their best. Here are some expected wedding attire trends for 2021 to help make this happen. Brides The 2022 wedding attire trends still include […]

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Expected Wedding Food Trends for 2022

Updated 12/09/2021 One thing people remember after a wedding is over is the food — especially if it was particularly unique or bad. Put some thought into the food you offer to keep guests happy. Check out these expected wedding food trends for 2022 covering everything from the wedding cake […]

Expected Wedding Decor Trends for 2022

Updated 12/09/2021 Although some wedding elements stay classic, each year some trends are on their way out and some on their way in. Not everyone agrees, but here are a few expected wedding decor trends for 2022. Outdoor and Tented Weddings Due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, couples […]

Tips For Creating a Wedding Website

Couples create a wedding website to inform their guests about the details of their upcoming wedding events. Inform everyone how you met, when and where the wedding is, and where out-of-town guests should stay. This is one of the few places it’s okay to mention where you’re registered. Create a […]

Outdated Wedding Traditions or Not?

As time goes by, traditions change. This is the case with weddings. Today, many couples are forgoing rituals that people previously considered essential traditions. Some examples of potentially outdated wedding traditions are listed below. Do you agree that they’re now outdated? Asking for Permission These days, some prospective grooms are forgoing […]

Ideas for Bridesmaid Proposals

Once your significant other pops the question, you should pop a few questions of your own. Most brides ask a few of their closest friends and family members to be bridesmaids. These days, brides are doing creative things and crafting special bridesmaid proposals. This makes the event memorable. Some people may not […]