groom reading wedding vows to bride

Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

One way to make your wedding more personal and meaningful is by writing your own vows. Take a few steps to make the process easier. This makes it more likely you’ll end up with exceptional wedding vows. Check With the Officiant Check with the officiant before writing your own vows. […]

If you love dinosaurs, personalizing your wedding can be as easy as a centerpiece with greenery candle, dinosaur toy, and a dinosaur card with the table number

Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding

One of the latest trends in wedding planning is personalization. Couples don’t want their wedding to be a copy of all the other weddings they’ve attended. Here are some tips for personalizing your wedding. You can make it more of a reflection of you and your future spouse as a […]

pile of presents purchased from a wedding registry with a "thank you" sign in front of them

Tips for Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

Guests appreciate having a well set-up wedding registry to give them ideas for your wedding gift. Not everyone will buy from the wedding registry. However, it will give guidance to those who prefer it. Following a few tips will help you set up the perfect wedding registry. Do It Early […]

part of table at wedding reception showing "bride" place and her hand as well as plates, wine glass, and candle, making the seating plan clear for the table

Tips for Coming Up With a Great Seating Plan

You want everyone to enjoy themselves at your wedding. One way to help ensure people have fun is to plan where everyone will sit. You need not assign people to an exact seat. However, it’s helpful to at least assign tables. The following tips will help you come up with a seating […]

man texting on his phone, which shouldn't happen at an unplugged wedding

Deciding Whether to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Almost everyone always carries a phone. They spend a lot of time taking pictures and making social media posts from wherever they are. This might include your wedding. While planning your wedding, decide whether to have an unplugged wedding. You could also allow people to take photos and post at […]

DJ's hands using DJ equipment

Ideas for Reception Activities to Entertain Your Guests

You need not offer activities at your wedding besides the typical grand entrance, food, and dancing. In fact, some couples don’t even take part in these reception events. However, including reception activities on your special day gives guests a more memorable event. Icebreaker Games Yes, these games are sometimes cheesy but […]