sweet 16 birthday cake with white frosting, sprinkles, and a silver glitter 16 on top

Tips for Planning a Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Many people consider the 16th birthday a rite of passage. This is when kids typically get a driver’s license. Some people celebrate this birthday for girls with a Sweet 16 birthday party. This tradition may have originated with the tradition of holding a debutante ball to introduce teenage girls into […]

Mr & Mrs cake topper

Tips for Changing Your Name After the Wedding

Many women change their names after getting married, which can be a major undertaking. Men also sometimes change their names after a wedding. Understanding every place you need to let know about the name change will make changing your name easier. A woman changing her last name because of marriage […]

groom carrying bride with groomsmen, and bridesmaids walking along beach

Understanding the Wedding Party Duties

Understanding what’s expected of people in the wedding party is important. This is true if you’re getting married or if you’re someone invited to take part. Each member of the wedding party has to undertake certain wedding party duties. Maid of Honor Duties The maid of honor performs the tasks of […]

thank you card and envelope next to hand holding a pen

Understanding Proper Thank You Card Etiquette

Although the habit of writing thank you cards has been falling by the wayside, it shouldn’t. Understanding when to send thank-you cards and what to say makes it easier. People who do nice things appreciate it when you use proper thank-you card etiquette. Occasions That Merit a Thank You Note […]

Bride and groom with wedding party

Wedding Party Etiquette You Should Know

Engaged people think it’s an honor if they ask a person to be part of the wedding party. Not everyone feels the same. Participation in the wedding party involves a big time and money commitment. Not everyone is up for this. Some couples are unaware of the proper wedding party etiquette. […]

a non-floral centerpiece with a vase filled with limes and topped with succulents.

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Although many centerpieces include flowers, you don’t have to have floral centerpieces at your wedding. Non-floral centerpieces may save money, depending on what you choose. Flowers often make up a significant part of the wedding budget. It’s hard to DIY floral centerpieces, as you need to make them at the last […]