four people with their fists touching in the center as part of a team-building event

Tips for Planning a Team-Building Event

While some employees dread a team-building event, if you plan it well, it can be fun. Team-building events can result in real benefits at work if planned properly. Consider the following to make planning an event such as this easier. Schedule It Right Plan team-building events and activities during regular […]

Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Wedding traditions vary around the world. If your family comes from another country, include this country’s wedding traditions in your own ceremony. This makes it more unique and personal. Or include one of these lucky wedding traditions from around the world for extra luck. The Money Dance In Cuba, Greece, Poland, […]

Colorful chairs under a tree to relax in during a family reunion

Tips for Planning a Successful Family Reunion

A family reunion offers a great opportunity for far-flung family members to come together. Family members can meet and learn more about each other. However, planning these events requires time and effort. The larger the family, the more complicated the planning. Take the following tips into consideration to increase the […]

just married couple in decorated car while photographer takes wedding photos of them

Tips for Getting Wonderful Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will be one of the main mementos you have of the wedding. You want them to look fabulous. However, sometimes wedding photos end up looking just ho-hum. Follow the tips below to get the best pictures to remember your special day. Decide What Photos You Want Start […]

man in a suit at a wedding playing huge Jenga lawn game

Should You Have a Kid-Friendly Wedding?

One of the first decisions that couples need to make when deciding on their guest list is whether to invite kids. Some people know right away they want a kid-friendly wedding or an adults-only wedding. For others, the decision is more complicated. Taking the following things into consideration may help. […]

a small cake along with several wedding cake alternatives

Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Alternatives

Do you hate spending a large part of your wedding budget for a traditional wedding cake? Do you not even like cake? Then you might offer one of these non-traditional wedding cake alternatives instead. This is becoming more common at weddings. Some people have no traditional wedding cake at all, […]