thank you card and envelope next to hand holding a pen

Understanding Proper Thank You Card Etiquette

Although the habit of writing thank you cards has been falling by the wayside, it shouldn’t. Understanding when to send thank-you cards and what to say makes it easier. People who do nice things appreciate it when you use proper thank-you card etiquette. Occasions That Merit a Thank You Note […]

12 Steps to Choosing a Caterer

The right caterer really makes or breaks an event, as food is typically one of the more important and memorable parts of any function. Taking a few factors into consideration makes it more likely you wind up with a delicious meal at a price you can afford. 1. Set a […]

Tips for Setting an Event Budget

Having a clear event budget set before booking venues and vendors for your event makes it less likely costs will spiral out of control. However, not everyone has experience creating event budgets. The following few tips may come in handy. Start With the Overall Event Budget First, determine exactly how […]