close up of bride holding her wedding flowers

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Although it’s possible to have a wedding with no fresh flowers, wedding flowers often play a big part. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding between the available options. Keep reading for tips on how to select just the right wedding flowers for your special day. The Budget Before […]

Guest book alternatives include tree pictures where guests each sign a leaf.

Ideas for Guest Book Alternatives

Traditionally, wedding guests sign a guest book as they enter the wedding. This book serves as a keepsake of the occasion for the newly married couple. However, how many people enjoy looking through these books full of signatures later? These days, many couples opt for one of the more useful […]

Small capsules of colorful confetti and glitter for use during the wedding send-off

Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Send-Off

After the wedding, people typically have some type of wedding send-off for the newly married couple. Rice used to be the most common, but most couples are opting for something more creative these days (and less likely to harm the birds). Keep reading for ideas that may be the perfect […]

Cake topper with bride and unhappy groom with ball and chain on his ankle.. Maybe they made some wedding planning mistakes.

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding planning mistakes are common. Most couples planning a wedding have little experience with the process. Check out the list below to learn the most common wedding planning mistakes to avoid. Having an Unrealistic Budget The first thing you should do when planning a wedding is to set your budget. But […]

Interesting Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Wedding traditions vary around the world. If your family comes from another country, include this country’s wedding traditions in your own ceremony. This makes it more unique and personal. Or include one of these lucky wedding traditions from around the world for extra luck. The Money Dance In Cuba, Greece, Poland, […]