Expected Wedding Food Trends for 2022

tray of meats, vegetables and cheeses arranged in a curve like a rainbow

Updated 12/09/2021

One thing people remember after a wedding is over is the food — especially if it was particularly unique or bad. Put some thought into the food you offer to keep guests happy. Check out these expected wedding food trends for 2022 covering everything from the wedding cake to late-night snacks.

Cocktail Hour Wedding Food Trends

With social distancing still expected to be in place for at least part of 2022, individually plated appetizers are trending. Catering staff may bring appetizers to the tables to minimize lines and gatherings. Examples include single-serving charcuterie or grazing boards and plates with samplings of bite-size appetizers.

Wedding Cakes

Smaller wedding cakes, including mini cakes, promise to be the big thing for 2022, as smaller celebrations are likely to continue to be the norm through much of the year due to COVID-19 concerns. Cake decorating may include items with personal significance, hand painting, and texture. Floral cakes, drip cakes, and metallic cakes will also be more common. Individually packaged desserts will also be prevalent this year. Couples are also becoming more likely to display cakes with arches to draw more attention to them and make them more a part of the decor. Dessert tables and other alternatives to cakes are also increasing in popularity for wedding desserts.

Main Meal Service Wedding Food Trends

Couples have moved toward more inclusive menus that provide food suitable for all guests rather than having guests request special meals. With the trend for more sustainable weddings, food is often made with locally-sourced ingredients and couples are choosing plant-based meals more often. Some couples choose to offer a mix of different types of food from various cuisines. Buffets will be less common due to concerns about crowding and contamination, although interactive food stations are starting to make a comeback for 2022. Couples may choose more personalized menus based on favorite meals, favorite restaurants, or foods with a special meaning to them, such as those they ate on their first date.

Late Night Snacks

The late-night wedding snack trend continues to be strong. Experts predict couples will opt for the snacks they like to eat on dates or while watching movies at home. Consider food trucks for providing these snacks.